Global Investor Group Whitepapers


FOW Whitepapers provide indepth analysis on a specific area of the market. To download a whitepaper, click on the images or links below.


Bank of England

Bank of England

Hedge funds and their prime brokers: developments since the financial crisis



Collateral in 2017

Challenges and solutions for the buyside.


Europe warms

Europe warms to weekly options

After their introduction in the US more than a decade ago, weekly options have now become part of the investment toolkit of many financial professionals worldwide.


Removing the barriers to an efficient market

Rising costs, increasing regulatory burdens and the entrenchment of monopolies is holding back innovation in the global derivatives market. This whitepaper analyses the barriers that are rising across the market and asks what needs to be done to remove the barriers to a more efficient market structure.


Changing relationships

The relationship between the sell-side and its client base is changing. Selective retrenchment by some banks has forced clients to adapt to the increased operational complexity. But the end result is greater control over their business and a transformation that will ultimately be positive for the industry.


Disruptive technology

New technology applications from big data to blockchain are set to revolutionise markets. But to take advantage of the opportunities, firms need to open up to the adoption of new technologies and change internal processes.


The Reinvention of Post-Trade

In May, FOW held its inaugural Post Trade event and surveyed some of the key market participants across banks and brokerages. This whitepaper sets out the key findings of the event, the survey and some additional research.


Professional traders' whitepaper

Commodity Trading Advisors and prop traders are looking to tech vendors and brokers to help them navigate an increasingly complex market structure. This whitepaper analyses the challenges.


The changing FCM business model

The business model for future commission merchants is undergoing radical change. FOW and Object Trading brought together key figures from the global listed derivatives market to discuss the evolving business models facing FCMs and how they are tackling the challenges in the market today.

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