Preview: RMA Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference

Preview: RMA Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference

RMA to hold its Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference, October 14-17, 2019

The Risk Management Association is pleased to present its Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference, October 14-17, at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, FL. Designed by securities lending and borrowing professionals for individuals from banks, brokerage houses, pension funds, endowments, and regulatory agencies in the U.S. and Europe, this industry-wide conference is RMA’s premier securities lending event of the year.

We are honored to present Mary Jo White, Partner and Senior Chair at Debevoise, as the keynote speaker. White, who has previously served as the Chair of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is Senior Chair of the firm, a litigation partner in the New York Office of Debevoise, and leader of the firm’s Strategic Crisis Response and Solutions Group.

Conference co-chairs, Alina Casner, Managing Director & Associate General Counsel, BNY Mellon and Robert Zekraus, Managing Director, Scotiabank are eager to present the expanded scope of the conference program; encompassing the entirety of the securities finance and collateral management businesses. We believe this expanded view of the conference better reflects the discussions taking place as the industry continues to evolve. The following are many of the topics featured in our agenda:

Women in Securities Finance | Senior Leader Industry Panel and Roundtable
An in-depth session focused on diversity and inclusion within the securities finance industry. The panelists will share their personal development stories, diversity, and inclusion practices as well as the impact these corporate initiatives have on firm culture within the securities finance industry.

Global Legal, Regulatory, and Tax Update and Future Strategy

What are the regulatory developments with significant global impact to watch? The regulatory environment continues to expand in some areas and contract in others, with the need to constantly assess the impact of the current regulatory landscape.

Harnessing FinTech Innovation in Securities Finance & Collateral Management

Panelists will give their perspectives on the technologies that are positioned to take center stage in the industry in the next 12-18 months. The discussion will highlight technologies which are positioned to empower the industry and optimize resource allocation.            

Transformational Leaders in Finance & Collateral Management (potential to update)

This discussion will take an aspirational look at the next evolution of the business.  Panelists will discuss how the business has changed during their tenure and how they see the industry advancing over the next decade. The session will explore what new opportunities technology will provide and what skills are key to develop in a successful team. 

Strategic Shifts in the Macroeconomic Environment

The U.S. economy has had one of its longest expansions in history. Monetary policy, recently thought to be normalizing, appears to be continuing its path of accommodation. Leading financial institutions’ economists and strategists will offer perspectives on current credit and global markets.

Fixed Income: Where is the Convergence of Securities Lending and Repo?

Panelists will explore the growth and development of fixed income and repo trading across various fixed income assets, in particular, corporate bonds. Panelists will examine the key players and drivers for this trend.

Future SFT Toolkit: The Evolution of Your Institution’s Business Model

Given current market pressures, panelists will guide attendees through the trends in the securities lending industry, and the resources available to succeed in the current environment.

Outlook of Collateral Management and Optimization

Panelists will discuss the evolution of the traditional securities financing business and how market and regulatory concerns have increased the need for non-cash collateral.

Economics of the Trade and Creative Problem Solving

How will infrastructure changes to the industry impact the economics of trades? As broker/dealers find additional ways to finance themselves, as well as the emergence of new tools in the industry, what does the future development of business and products look like?

Risk and Reward in Securities Lending: The Buy Side Perspectives

In a world of compressed yields and lackluster investment returns, securities lending has been a natural solution for asset owners seeking alternative avenues of alpha generation at relatively low risk. This session will discuss important trends impacting beneficial owners.

Fran Garritt, RMA Director, Securities Lending and Global Markets said, “We look forward to bringing together securities finance professionals to discuss issues that will affect the industry.”

For the complete agenda and additional conference details, please visit

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