Photos of Equity Lending Survey winners

Photos of Equity Lending Survey winners

Societe Generale CIB
Most Innovative Borrower of the Year

Group 1 borrowers:

Highly Commended: Global & Americas

Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Asia-Pacific Winner (Raw Data)

Goldman Sachs
Americas & Asia-Pacific Winner (Weighted)

Global Winner

Group 1 lenders:

Goldman Sachs Agency Lending
Highly Commended: Americas

Highly Commended: Global & Americas

UBS Zurich
Highly Commended: Global & Emea

Highly Commended: Global, Americas, Emea & Asia-Pacific

BNY Mellon
Asia-Pacific Winner
Most Innovative Lender of the Year

State Street
Global, Americas & Emea Winner

Brian Lamb, CEO of EquiLend presenting Lifetime
Achievement Award to this year's winner Kevin McNulty