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  • Fund centre focus: Onshore drift

    Alternatives funds have traditionally been domiciled in the Cayman Islands, but many are now taking certain functions onshore or taking a multi-domicile approach. Ceri Jones investigates

  • Be prepared for BEPS

    A review of operations and transfer pricing is an essential starting point for asset managers wishing to understand the potential impact of the OECD’s tax avoidance project. Paul Golden reports

  • Poacher turned gamekeeper: bfinance CEO David Vafai

    David Vafai, CEO of bfinance, speaks to Alastair O’Dell about identifying talent, managing conflicts of interest and fair asset management fees

  • Fund centre focus: Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    Dubai has long been the dominant international financial centre in the UAE but Abu Dhabi is making up for lost time. Matt Smith investigates

  • Innovation funds: Framing the future  

    Asset managers are trying to create a clear identity for innovation funds, says Paul Golden, so they can more easily be integrated into investor portfolios

  • Curve eyes changes on first anniversary - CEO

    Andy Ross said volumes have picked up in the past six months and Mifid could provide boost

  • Unwelcome publicity for private debt

    Increasing numbers of investors and asset managers are being attracted by solid yields, finds Paul Golden, but this demand is starting to impact returns

  • Mifid II “Known Unknowns” – Part II

    Legal experts raise concerns over Mifid II rules on systematic internalisers, direct electronic access and the treatment of third country firms.

Thought Leaders

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RBC's D'Eramo talks vol, tech and indemnification

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DTCC’s Roadmap to SSI Automation

DTCC's white paper – The Roadmap to Automation

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